In this post I want to show you a build of the character Golem, with which you can play through the game very well.

The Golem starts with the positive attributes of +20 Max HP, Max HP modifiers are increased by +33%, as well as Armor modifiers by +33%.

In addition, the golem gains an impressive 40% attack speed bonus and a 20% haste bonus when its health falls below 50%.

This allows him to take down opponents much better when he is running low on HP.

The only negative trait is that he cannot heal himself. Not with HP Regeneration, Life Steal or even Medical Turrets.

You start the run with a stone.

This allows you to take advantage of the fact that you get extra max HP and armor from the blunt weapon bonus.

Also feel free to get 1 or 2 spears which will make it a lot more comfortable for you since they have such a long range and still give the primitive weapon bonus and are melee weapons.

If you can forgo the armor bonus from blunt weapons, you're welcome to go full-on spears.

Melee Damage, % Damage, and Attack Speed should become your primary offensive stats here, since the stone attacks relatively slowly, making it all the better for keeping crowds under control.

Defensive stats should primarily be max HP and armor as you get more value from these stats simply through the character bonus.

% Evasion is also a very useful stat here to just avoid the damage entirely.

You should always take items that reduce your HP regeneration and bring a positive aspect with them, since you can't regenerate HP anyway.

Of course, that includes stealing life.

The Sad Tomato is a perfect choice to start the fight right away with the Golem's Attack and Speed bonuses. However, this also involves a certain risk, since you only start with half life points and cannot restore them.

This can lead to a dangerous situation, especially with the final boss, since he can cause immense damage.

With a successful run, you unlock the stone skin item for your further runs.

Guide for all Achievements

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In this post, I’ll go over all the achievements and builds for each character in Brotato and briefly explain how to achieve these achievements and what rewards they give you.

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