In this post I want to show you a build of the character Soldier, with which you can play through the game very well.

The positive characteristics of the soldier character are that he has both +50% damage and +50% attack speed as long as he is standing still.

He also starts with +10% haste, has +200% Pickup Range and +15 Knockback.

The only limitation the character brings is that he cannot attack while moving.
This leads to a slightly more challenging and unusual gameplay.

We'll start the run with the Double Barrel Shotgun.

Already in the first wave you cannot fully use the bonuses that the character brings and just stand still.

Try to run a little at a time and then stop again until your attack is completed. Then walk a little further and repeat this process.

This is absolutely crucial for a successful run of the character.

Get more Double Barrel Shotguns and upgrade them for excellent wave control.

Range and, above all, more attack speed are very important here in order to be able to use the standing still bonus for as long as possible.

Of course, it's always good to have more damage, especially ranged damage, so that the enemies die faster too.

If the constant running and standing still is too exhausting for you, you can also stand near one of the four corners and from there fight the opponents better in one direction.

The only downside here is that you'll be less, if at all, aware of trees spawning on another side of the map.

Due to the character's long range and relatively high recoil, it is almost impossible for normal opponents to get to them, as they will be pushed back again.

Other items that are perfect for this character are those that give you bonuses while you remain standing, such as the Statue.

Or the Barricade.

With these items, nothing should stand in the way of your run - you can also theoretically get them several times, which will make the waves even more pleasant and easier.

As soon as you have successfully completed this, a powerful weapon goes into your future arsenal.

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