In this post I want to show you a build of the character Bull, with which you can play through the game very well.

The Bull character is a very unusual character as it cannot equip weapons.

The positive qualities of the character are as follows.

It starts with:

+20 max HP
+15 HP regeneration
+10 armor

In addition, his HP modifiers are increased by 50%.

When the character takes damage, it explodes, initially dealing 30 damage.
This damage scales with the different damage specializations, i.e. melee damage, ranged damage and elemental damage.
Unfortunately, the character does not benefit from technology.

Each of the damage types that boost its damage increases damage by 300%.
So for 1 melee damage, you will get 3 damage to your explosion.

Since the character cannot equip weapons, there is logically no starting weapon.

It's important to make sure with this character that you always get a lot of the three types of damage, so that the explosion damage, which will be your only reasonable source of damage, is always very high, so that you don't have to take damage unnecessarily often to kill the opponents defeat.

As you level up, ALWAYS try to get melee damage, as the choice on this stat will always be DOUBLE the other two, which are ranged damage and elemental damage.

Items that increase your damage or explosion size are also very important on this character.

Attack speed is completely uninteresting with this character, since the triggering of the attack always depends on when and how often you take damage.

You can't die from enemy damage for the first few waves, so you can fully focus on increasing damage here.

You should also avoid Dodge Chance because once you dodge the attack, you won't deal any damage.

Since your explosions can also cause critical hits, you can also get some critical hit chance, like 15-20%.

With the Luck stat, enemies will drop more consumables and heal you. Having some of that is also very helpful.

One item that works great on the character is Blood Donation.

This means you're no longer dependent on taking damage from enemies to trigger your explosion.
Instead, you trigger it automatically every second, as you suffer 1 damage from this item.
Accordingly, however, you should compensate for this extra damage per second with increased HP regeneration.

After a successful run, you unlock the Gnome item for your further runs.

Guide for all Achievements

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