In this post I want to show you a build of the character Well-Rounded, with which you can play through the game very well.

The Normalo is the basic character or entry-level character and therefore only has positive characteristics, which are not too high for that.

He starts with +5 max HP, he also starts with +5% Speed and has +8 Harvest from the start.

He has no negative or neutral qualities.

The choice of weapon is therefore up to everyone, but if it is one of your first runs, and you get a better start in the game, I recommend starting with the character with the pistol.

Ranged weapons are generally more pleasant to play and are therefore particularly suitable here.

In addition, in combination with the pistol, the SMG also works very well.

Since this one does less damage, but shoots a lot faster, which means that the weaker opponents can be eliminated much more easily, and you will have much better wave control.

If you have a good balance of 1-2 pistols and 1-2 SMG to start with, you shouldn't have any problems with the first few waves.

In terms of stats, you should focus primarily on % damage and ranged damage, as these will be essential for increased weapon damage.

Attack speed shouldn't be neglected either, so that your pistols also shoot faster - this is of course also good for the SMG, but since it attacks very quickly, it's not all that important.

You can also treat yourself to % Crit Chance from time to time so that you simply dish out a little extra damage.

Defensively, I recommend going for max HP, HP regeneration, and armor.

If you can get some % Life Steal, don't give it up either to get a little extra HP regeneration.

You can also always allow yourself a little more harvest so that you can make more use of the character's initial value.

There really isn't much more to say about the character, since he doesn't function very specifically.

The unlocked reward through the successful run with the character is the potato - a very strong item that you should always take with you when you get it, since it has absolutely no disadvantage and increases the most important values a bit.

Guide for all Achievements

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