I would like to explain a build for the character Merris, the Sorceress for Act 2 with the Warped Attack and, among other things, the Cast Light Rays, in more detail here. You'll also find out which skills and talents I recommend in order to achieve the most successful run possible.


Warped Attack (Time)

Warped Attack from Time will be your attack.

This means that your attacks bounce off enemies you hit and onto other enemies, thus hitting many more enemies.


Celestial Wings (Lady Justice)

Celestial Wings as a dash gives you increased movement speed after dashing.

One or two upgrades of these increase the duration and are therefore a bit more pleasant.


Energy Missiles (Time)

Your strike will be Energy Missiles from Times.

This gives your attacks a chance to fire more projectiles that will hit enemies again.

Works great with Warped Attack.


Light Rays (Lady Justice)

With Light Rays from Lady Justice you get a very powerful cast that causes multiple rays of light to appear that will constantly damage your opponents.

The number of rays and the damage increases noticeably with higher levels.

Time Field (Time)

Time Field by Time gives you a defensive barrier that temporarily appears at your position and deals damage, but also greatly reduces your opponents' attack and movement speed.


Force (Time)

With the Power Force you get increased range of attraction of the EXP shards.

In addition, the shards cause damage that increases with the amount of experience received.

Path of Frost (Winter)

The Path of Frost power causes you to leave a path of frost behind you and move faster.

This path chills enemies that are on it.


Frost Wolves (Winter)

With the Frost Wolves summon you get some wolves that fight for you and chill your opponents with their attacks.



With Gemini, your attacks get additional projectiles that will help you fight your enemies even better and trigger your strike even better.

Icebound (Winter)

Icebound Winter greatly increases the damage taken by immobilized enemies, allowing you to deal significantly more damage to frozen enemies.

Protection (Lady Justice)

Lady Justice's Passive Protection ensures that your armor value increases and you therefore take significantly less damage.


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