I would like to explain a build for the character Nixi, the Assassin for Act 2 with the Strike Sickles of Mort, in more detail here. You'll also find out which skills and talents I recommend in order to achieve the most successful run possible.


Rampaging Attack (Krom)

Your attack here will be Rampaging Attack so you can push the enemies back.


Celestial Wings (Lady Justice)

Lady Justice's Celestian Wings dash gives you constant increased movement speed if you can pace yourself a bit with your dashes.

Especially for a character like Nixi who is more susceptible to damage, this is often not a bad thing.

Alternatively, you can use Mort's Lifelink as a dash for extra damage.

If your lives drop too much, this can also give you a little extra life regeneration.


Sickles of Mort (Mort)

Sickles of Mort from Mort will be your biggest damage output.

Because of Nixi's many quick attacks, you can activate the sickles even faster and deal good damage.

Chains of War (Krom)

With Chains of War, you push enemies away in addition to your attack and cause Rupture on them, causing them to take damage when they move.


Divine Shield (Lady Justice)

Divine Shield will be a great defensive talent to your advantage when cast.

This negates an attack that could potentially cause you great harm.


Radiance (Lady Justice)

Lady Justice's Radiance gives you an aura that deals damage to enemies around you, increasing the longer the enemies are in it.

Especially good for many small enemies to cause constant damage and a good extra source of damage for bosses.

Fear (Mort)

Fear also gives you an aura that deals damage within the aura and causes enemies to flee when they hit you.


Protection (Lady Justice)

Lady Justice's Passive Protection gives you extra armor, reducing your damage taken.

War Pact (Krom)

With Krom's War Pact you deal additional damage to barriers and bosses.

This will make it easier for you to defeat the bosses at some levels or higher.


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