I would like to explain a build for the character Avoron, the Knight for Act 2 with the Crushing Attack and, among other things, the Power Rock Shield, in more detail here. You'll also find out which skills and talents I recommend in order to achieve the most successful run possible.


Crushing Attack (Ninh)

For the main attack, take Crushing Attack from Ninh so you have a chance to stun the enemies and also increase your attack area.


Trail of Fire (Summer)

For dash, I recommend Trail of Fire, as it allows you to control enemies behind you very well while running away from them, but still gain experience.

In addition, enemies killed by fire damage benefit from the following additional abilities.


Chains of War (Krom)

Krom's Chains of War is a very powerful strike that knocks enemies away and causes Rupture, which causes enemies to take damage when they move.

Earth Spike (Ninh)

Another strike is Earth Spike from Ninh.

This causes immense damage to enemies in front of you and also stuns them every few attacks.

You need fewer attacks as you level up your skill.


Blades (Krom)

Blades is a good addition to Chains of War, as they hit additional enemies beyond melee range and also inflict Rupture.


Rock Shield (Ninh)

Ninh's Rock Shield will be your main source of damage.

This causes earth shields to rotate around you, which you automatically fire in a straight line as soon as you hit an enemy with them.

This kill deals massively increased damage based on Rock Shield's base damage.

The earth shields spawn after a short time and circle you again until the next kill.

Combust (Summer)

Combust by Summer is a power that, when combined with your dash, causes killed and burning enemies to explode, damaging other enemies in the process, which can cause a chain reaction if those enemies hit also die.

Incineration (Summer)

Incineration causes enemies to leave behind a fire if they die while burning.


Blood Swords (Krom)

Krom's Summon Blood Swords creates swords that wander around and attack enemies.

With each attack, these swords also cause Rupture.


Fury (Summer)

Summer's passive Fury increases your attack speed, allowing you to trigger your abilities faster.

Mountainous Might (Ninh)

With Ninh's Mountainous Might, the range of your attack increases.

Outreach (Ninh)

With Ninh's Outreach, your strikes hit a larger area, allowing you to better push enemies away from you.


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