I would like to explain a build for the character Lorien (Ranger) for Act 2 with the Warped Attack in more detail here. You'll also find out which skills and talents I recommend in order to achieve the most successful run possible.


Warped Attack (Time)

Lorien's basic attack is an arrow shot, which you can use Warped Attack to turn into an attack that bounces between enemies.

While the total amount of bounce will be reduced when you acquire this attack, you will still have a much more enjoyable playstyle as enemies will be hit automatically when you shoot.

If possible, you should always choose this talent as it will increase your damage enormously.

If necessary, ban other abilities from


Celestial Wings (Lady Justice)

For Dash I recommend Celestial Wings.

This gives you temporarily increased movement speed.

Therefore, with this talent, you should not necessarily use all of your dashes one after the other, but wait approximately the duration of this ability if the situation allows it.

This will allow you to move forward much faster.

Vortex (Time)

Alternatively, Time's Dash Vortex is also good, as it lets you pull enemies behind you into a vortex for a short time.


Tornadoes (Leigong)

The most important strike is the Leigong tornadoes.

This will help you cope much better against larger groups of enemies.

The damage is also very high, which means you can even cause good damage to stronger enemies when they are surrounded by many smaller enemies.

Chain Lightning (Leigong)

Another strike that works well with Warped Attack is Leigong's Chain Lightning.

Chains of War (Krom)

Chains of War by Krom is the last strike I recommend here.

This causes damage to enemies near you, knocking them away and causing the Rupturing effect.


Time Field (Time)

As a cast, Time's Time Field is very helpful.

This causes enemies caught within it to take damage and move and attack more slowly.

This gives you a good defensive barrier that you can move into without any disadvantage to better protect yourself from enemies.

One or two upgrades are not a bad idea here, as they increase the size of the barrier, among other things.


Force (Time)

The Power Force gives you extra shard pull area, which allows you to gain more experience and not have to move too much in the direction of defeated enemies.

Additionally, these shards also cause a little damage.



Gemini is probably the best passive because it allows you to fire more projectiles and thus significantly increase your damage.


With Guidance you increase your critical hit chance with attacks, so it is always a very good passive.

Other Builds

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