The Engineer is the third class you can unlock in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor. You can find a build guide for this class here.


By default the engineer has:

130 max HP
5% critical strike chance
150% critical hit damage
+5% experience gain

The run with the engineer starts with the LMG Gun Platform.

LMG Gun Platform

This is a turret that has a limited lifespan and automatically fires at all enemies.

To place it, you must stand for a short time, then a charge will be consumed and a turret will be placed.

Be sure to take short breaks while running to place turrets.

This gives you ultra-strong control over the opponents and allows you to mine minerals in a totally relaxed manner and defeat the opponents by running away.

LMG Gun reload speed refers to the charges you can expend to place a turret.

If possible, try to always use up one charge until a new one is charged so that you don't waste it.

Above all, get reload speed and damage here.

We will increase the rate of fire enormously with the latest overclock.


You should definitely get the Tank Tracks overclocking if you have the choice.

This causes your turrets to follow you, causing targeted damage in the direction you move.

The next overload becomes Mining Directive.

This allows your turrets to destroy nearby walls.

Because they move with you, you can really increase your mining speed.

The overload at level 18 will be LMG Overload.

This greatly increases the rate of fire of your guns, at the expense of some accuracy.

Krakatoa Sentinel

Your 2nd weapon will be Krakatoa Sentinel.

This gun is a flamethrower that pairs perfectly with your LMG turrets.

This is also placed when you stand still, so you can place both turrets at the same time and provide more control.

More beams are very powerful as an overload for the flamethrower, as it allows you to cover more area and therefore have even more control over the enemies.

The Voltaic Shock Fence is available for other weapons

Or the Hi-Volt Thunderbird.

Both benefit from the increased lifespan of your turrets and give you even more opportunities to better defeat the enemies directly around you.

General upgrades

The most important general upgrade is to increase the lifestime of your turrets and drones.

This ensures that your summoned units last longer and can support you better.

You also ensure that you can have more turrets at the same time.

Furthermore, reload speed and damage are always good.

Mining speed is greatly increased by your helping turrets.


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