The Scout is the first class you can start the game with in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor. You can find a build guide for this class here.


The scout has by default:

120 Max HP
5% Dodge
5% Critical Chance
200% Critical Damage

The scout begins the run with the Deepcore GK2 weapon.

He also gains +10% movement speed and +20 max HP.

The increased movement speed can be optimally used to unlock the artifact for a total of 50% movement speed.

Deepcore GK 2

The Deepcore GK2 is an all-rounder that targets and shoots enemies at short distances.

Get some reload speed for this weapon first so you don't have to wait too long for the magazine to reload.

Because the weapon has a relatively high rate of fire, increased damage is the upgrade you should focus on here.

Of course, you can also use rate of fire if you can choose from higher rarities.

Because the weapon shoots in all directions, you can use the scout to mine minerals in a relatively relaxed manner right from the start.


High Caliber Rounds are a good overclock where you lose rate of fire but gain damage and penetrating bullets.

You can also use a little more oomph for this weapon so that you get even more damage and increased reload speed without any disadvantage.

For overclocking to level 18, I recommend The Favorite.

This gives you +100% damage and +100% reload speed.

However, all other weapons deal -30% damage and have -30% reload speed.

However, the damage you deal will be much higher.

Mainly focus on further upgrades for the Deepcore GK2.

M1000 Classic

The second weapon you should choose is the M1000 Classic.

This weapon targets enemies with the highest HP, which will be Elites or Bosses.

In addition, the projectiles from this weapon penetrate your opponents and cause high damage, allowing you to decimate larger swarms well from a distance.

This weapon has an extremely slow fire rate but high damage.

Focus here primarily on the reload speed.

The rate of fire is no longer relevant after a subsequent overclocking.


The overclock a bit more oomph! You should get the M1000 as it simply gives you more damage and reload speed and has no disadvantages.

Pan Fried Shells change your M1000 Classic's damage type to Fire, causing your bullets to deal additional Fire damage over time to enemies.

The M1000's level 18 overload is Thick Boy.

This causes greatly increased damage at the expense of reduced reload speed.

This means you can easily cause more than 1337 damage, which will allow you to unlock an artifact - despite the -30% damage from the Deepcore GK2!

For the remaining weapons, you can take whatever you want, as the two you choose will deal more than enough damage to ensure a safe run.

General upgrades

For the general upgrades you can always get critical chance and critical damage.

In addition, %Damage is also very good.

Mining speed is also worth it, as your weapons will always fire at enemies without you having to look in their direction.

Reload speed and rate of fire should be taken at your own discretion.

In principle, you can always consider epic upgrades and you can basically take legendary upgrades blindly.


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