The Gunner is the second class you can unlock in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor. You can find a build guide for this class here.


By default, the shooter has:

160 max HP
10 armor
5% critical strike chance
150% critical hit damage

The Gunner starts the run with the Lead Storm Powered Minigun weapon.

Also, for every 100 projectiles you fire, you fire 8 boosted projectiles.

This means we should focus on only taking weapons that fire projectiles so that we can make use of this bonus.

Lead Storm

The Lead Storm weapon has an extremely high rate of fire, making this upgrade rather unimportant - although 1 or 2 upgrades is not a mistake and we will reduce the rate of fire with overclocking.

But it is more important to increase the reload speed, as it is very low.

The damage can also always be increased.

Since the weapon only fires forward, you should occasionally refrain from mining materials and fire at enemies until your magazine is empty to avoid being overrun.


High Caliber Rounds are perfect here as you fire a lot of projectiles and converting these into penetrating bullets is extremely powerful.

As already mentioned, the rate of fire is reduced, but the damage is increased in addition to the penetrating bullets.

This will definitely give you a huge damage boost and make it much easier to deal with larger swarms.

Pan-Fried Shells will greatly increase your damage even further as you change your damage type to fire and your bullets will also deal fire damage over time.

This makes it even easier to defeat swarms, as you can continue to deal damage even while running away.

The Favorite is my recommended choice when overclocking to level 18.

This will make the rest of your weapons weaker, but you'll get such a huge damage and reload speed boost that it's definitely worth it.

Deepcore GK2

Your 2nd weapon will be the Deepcore GK2.

This weapon has a high rate of fire and good damage, allowing you to make good use of your class talent.

Even though it is important that your other weapons have a high rate of fire, I recommend using High Caliber Rounds for overclocking, as this will give you penetrating bullets again.

This will reduce your rate of fire again, but you will get a good backup time when your minigun is being reloaded.

A little more oomph is a good addition, as it allows you to reload faster and therefore fire your projectiles more quickly.

Your other weapons should definitely be projectile weapons so that you can make use of your class talent.

They should be able to fire quickly, the damage won't be that relevant since your other two weapons will do the main damage and you won't be able to get enough overclocks to make the other weapons usable.

General upgrades

You can actually always get critical chance and critical damage, as this allows you to significantly increase the damage you deal.

Reload speed is good for all weapons, allowing you to fire projectiles faster again.

Mining speed is worth it to be able to mine the minerals faster and create escape routes if necessary.

In principle, you can always consider epic upgrades and you can basically take legendary upgrades blindly.


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