In Formula 1, engine performance plays a crucial role in the success of a team. But not every team can afford to develop its own engine. So who uses which engine? And which teams generally work together?

Not every Formula 1 team develops its own engine. Many of the smaller teams buy engines from the big manufacturers. In the following list you will find an overview of all engines in F1 2022 and which teams use these engines:

  • Mercedes V6 turbo engine: Mercedes, McLaren, Williams, Aston Martin
  • Ferrari V6 turbo engine: Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Haas
  • Honda V6 turbo engine: Red Bull, AlphaTauri
  • Renault V6 turbo engine: Alpine

As you can see, Mercedes has the most engine customer teams (3), closely followed by Ferrari (2). The strength of the cars always depends heavily on the engine. Since the Ferrari engine seems to work best in the F1 2022 season, the customer teams also benefit from Ferrari's engine performance.

In this video you can listen to the sounds of all four engines:

Red Bull Powertrains (RBPT)

There is one special thing about the Red Bull and AlphaTauri engine: since Honda left Formula 1 as an engine manufacturer for the 2022 season, Red Bull had to look for a new engine.

But since the only alternative was a Renault engine, it was decided to take over Honda's engine factory under a new name: Red Bull Powertrains. Honda will continue to support the development until 2025, but Red Bull wants to send its first own engine into the race by 2026.

Which is the Best Engine in EA's F1 22 game?

In the My Team Career in F1 2022 you have to choose an engine for your car. Here you will find an overview of the exact stats for the engines in the game:

Engine Manufacturer Performance Durability Contract Cost
Renault 83 93 2,9 Mio. $
Red Bull 90 93 3,5 Mio. $
Ferrari 95 85 3,5 Mio. $
Mercedes 90 100 3,7 Mio. $

Which Formula 1 Teams Belong Together?

The only two teams that actually belong together in Formula 1 are Red Bull Racing and (Scuderia) AlphaTauri. Both teams belong to Red Bull GmbH and AlphaTauri is considered the junior team of Red Bull Racing.

From this union came, for example, the Formula 1 legend Sebastian Vettel, who started at Toro Rosso (now: AlphaTauri) in 2007 and was promoted to the main Red Bull team in 2009.