Many users of an IKEA FLOALT or other ceiling lamps wonder how they can put the lamp into pairing mode, for example to integrate it with Zigbee Homeassistant (ZHA). I explain this in this blogpost.


If you want to connect your lights to Homeassistant using ZHA, it may be necessary to put them in pairing mode. In this post, I'll show you how it works.

First switch off your lamp with the hardware switch so that the lamp is completely disconnected from the mains.

Then you should turn the lamp on and off several times, waiting about 2 seconds between each one.

The sequence goes like this:

Ikea lamp ZHA pairing

  1. Turn off your lamp - Wait a few seconds.
  1. ON/OFF - pause for 2 seconds
  2. ON/OFF - pause for 2 seconds
  3. ON/OFF - pause for 2 seconds
  4. ON/OFF - pause for 2 seconds
  5. ON/OFF - pause for 2 seconds
  6. AT

Now the lamp should flash wildly, indicating pairing readiness.

Home Assistant

To add the lamp in Homeassistant, you should previously select "Add device" in ZHA until the wheel starts spinning. As soon as your IKEA lamp starts flashing, the lamp should already be visible in Home Assistant. Then just wait and configure the Zigbee device as usual.

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Once added, the ceiling light will appear in Homeassistant as usual.
With Homeassistant you can turn your whole house into a smart home.