As a botlane, Solo Queue often makes it difficult to get along well and finish the lane without major misunderstandings. This set of rules is intended to set a framework in which the Solo Queue is bearable even for ADCs.

1) Don't expect too much from the support

The chance is high that your Support is not Support at all, but actually Midlaner. Thanks to Autofill, players are often assigned to a role they did not want to play. This leads to frustration on the side of the off-role player and also the AD Carry, as he has an inexperienced Support on a champion he probably has barely played.

At such a moment, it's time to keep calm and get over with laning phase as good as possible. It is useless to open with crazy engages, just to find out that support is not mechanically capable of bringing that 50/50 call to a positive end. It is more important to play safely and sometimes to lose creeps instead of getting into trouble. Especially as a Botlane you should be aware, that most marksmen decide the game in the last third, not in the first.

2) Don't Flame

As obvious as it is, but flame is still a big topic in the League. Even if you think that verbal escalation is completely normal, it is not. The writing distracts, not only you, but also the one who inevitably has to read it. Whether or not he is even interested in what you are blaming him for, but he is not focused on the gameplay because he has to read superfluous nonsense. This distraction will not make your support play better, nor will your team suddenly carry you out of compassion.

In my opinion, chatting in League of Legends is 100% dispensable. With pings, 99% of the important information is communicable to the team. Therefore, I can only recommend to turn the chat just completely off.

3) Wait for the team

Often the matchup just will not let you play the opposing Botlane in the ground, or even keep the lane equal. In such a case, 2v2 engages would be fatal, because the chances are very bad. Instead, it makes sense to wait for the allied Jungler or Midlaner. A deep ward in half of the opponent also allows for a potential teleport from your Toplaner. With help pings you can draw attention to you.

But if all signs are against you, it is no shame to just drop the Botlane turret. If the opponents already have significantly better items, your tower is almost torn down and a tower dive is about to happen: Just run back. Once the opposing Jungler sends you back to the fountain, the tower is gone anyway. In such a case, it is smarter to gank the Midlane together and possibly get an advantage there by outnumbering your opponent.

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4) Look at the map

The minimap is available to every player for free and it does not hurt to use this tool aswell. The map can contain much useful information. To evaluate this information, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where is the Jungler and where is he going?
  • Is the mobile Midlaner knocking on my door right after his recall?
  • Should I respect that the Toplaner has not been seen for more than 30 seconds?
  • Is an engage useful if I can not locate any of the remaining three enemies?
  • Is there a danger to me if my teammate pings his lane as missing?

These are just a few suggestions that can lead to increased success in the Rift. If you have already considered all these points, maybe rule #5 will help you:

5) Don't use Summoner Spells when you're dead

That may sound contradictory, but it can make sense. It often happens that the player suddenly loses courage in the fight because his champion has no mana left, or he is just too weak. In such a moment, the escape artist is in demand and Flashes are often used for this.

But it only makes sense to use the Flash if you can get away safely. If you die shortly after, because one pursuer is out of the race, but a wild Nasus is happily stacking you, that did not help much.

Also, Flash can be an important tool to get to safety in the next team fight from a Malphite Ultimate. In such a case, without Flash the game is faster over than you can say "Demoted to Bronze 1". Therefore: Saving your Summoners for something more important can be useful, but it does not have be. However, the short-sighted use of Flash, just because it is currently available, is the wrong way to go.

In retrospect, many of these "laws" are relatively universal and suitable for all players. If you look at these five paragraphs as the cornerstones of your Solo Queue and stick to it, you are already a long way ahead of the average player.