I would like to explain in more detail how you can make silk in Palia and where you can find silk threads.

Buy Silk

Probably the easiest way to get silk is to simply buy it from the merchant.

To do this you have to go to the furniture store in the 1st area.

Furniture store in Kilima village

When you get there, of course, you go in and go to the cash register that is on the counter.

Cash register in the furniture store

Here you can now simply buy the silk for 580 gold.

Silk to buy in the furniture store

Get Silk Thread

If this is too expensive for you or you simply want to make the silk yourself, you will need silk threads.

You can only get these from epic or legendary beetles.

I have had the best catches of these beetles in the 2nd area, Bahari Bay.

Here you can see where exactly I made most of these catches.

Area for farming silk threads in Bahari Bay

These epic and legendary beetles have different, usually brighter, colors than the normal variants.

Here you see an Azure Stonehopper.

Azure Stonehopper after being caught

This is purple-bluish and is different from his normal version.

You can see the loot here.

Another example is the fairy mantis.

Fairy mantis caught

And the loot too.

Prey of a fairy mantis

This fairy mantis has striking colors such as pink and turquoise.

Each time you catch an Epic or Legendary Beetle, you will receive a random number of Silk Threads, up to 14 pieces.

If you have enough silk threads, you can make a silk with 5 of each.

Crafting Silk

To do this you first need a Fabric Loom.

You get the recipe for this from Tish and need the Furniture Making skill at level 2.

The recipe for the loom at Tish

Once you have the recipe, you can make the Fabric Loom.

You can also get the recipe for making silk from Tish.

However, you need Furniture Making Level 6 for this.

The recipe for silk at Tish

To increase the carpentry skill, you need to make furniture.

To do this, you will initially need a large amount of wood and plant fibers.

You can get these by felling any trees, which can be relatively time-consuming.

Use of silk

You need silk for many different situations.

There are some pieces of furniture, such as beds, that require a larger amount of silk.

The recipe for Bellflower Bed at Tish

In addition, most villagers accept silk as gifts, such as: There is also Tish, where you can buy all the recipes for making silk.

For Elouisa's quest "When We Were Young" you also need 5 silk.


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