The quest Ancient Battery in Palia can be a little confusing at first glance and may not give any clear clues to the solution, so here you will find detailed instructions on how to complete the quest.

Get quest

You get the quest from Jina after you have explained some of the basics of the game.

As soon as you get a letter back from Jina with the Ancient Thing, i.e. the battery, you will be given the task of using this battery on the door behind the waterfall.

Reach Quest Objective

To progress further in this quest, all you need is a watering can.

If you don't have these yet, you should first progress your other quests until you get your cultivation fields and watering can from Badruu.

To reach this door, you must first follow a path north of the village of Kilima over a bridge that may look familiar to you from the beginning of the game.

Path north of Kilima Village
Bridge in front of the path

Follow this path to the end, and you will arrive right in front of said door.

Location on the map where the door is located
Door can be entered

After you put the battery in this door, you can already open it.

Complete Quest

The final part of this quest is a small puzzle that you can get some clues about by interacting with the bowls at either end of the platform.

Water bowls that give you clues to the puzzle

These indicate, among other things, “as long as this water flows”.

So you unpack your watering can and can fill it at the waterfalls on the side.

Waterfall to fill your watering can

With the watering can you then just fill the water bowl that is in the middle of this platform and fill it up to the stop.

Fill the water bowl in the middle

Once you have filled the water bowl, you will see the locked door open in front of you.

Jina will appear and give you the task of exploring this newly opened chamber.

To do this, you go to this area and look around a bit and then you can go back to Jina, who will finally complete the quest for you.

It gives you an indication that a glider may be necessary for further progress.

But that's another quest :)


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