I would like to explain in more detail how you can make leather in Palia and where you can find the Sernuk Hide you need to make it.

Buy Leather

The easiest way to get leather is to simply buy it.

The furniture store in the village of Kilima gives you the opportunity to do this.

Furniture store in Kilima village
Buy leather directly

At a price of 60 gold per leather, this is not that expensive and can be purchased in smaller quantities without hesitation if you urgently need it to craft something.

But this is definitely the most boring option.

Buy Sernuk Hide

You need Sernuk Hide to make leather.

You can also buy these directly, which is a lot cheaper than buying the leather directly and ready-made.

In order to make leather on it, you already need a loom and some time.

I'll describe you in more detail a little later.

You can find the Sernuk Hide, which is available for direct sale, in the general store in Kilima Village.

General store in Kilima village
Buy Sernuk Hide directly

Get Sernuk Hide

You can't make the Sernuk Hide yourself, but you can get it.

All you need to do is have a bow and arrow and go hunting.

I've picked out a good and close area for you here.

Area for Sernuks

There you can walk from the bottom up and along the way you will repeatedly meet Sernuks, which you can then shoot to get Sernuk Hide and other items such as meat or antlers that you can reuse or sell.

I used this route for a long time to often get multiple stacks of Sernuk Hide.

Making leather

To do this you first need a loom.

You get the recipe for this from Tish and need the carpentry skill at level 2.

The recipe for the loom at Tish

Once you have purchased the recipe for making the loom, you can craft it on your property.

Once you have crafted the loom, you can also place it on your property.

There you can craft 1 Leather with 1 Sernuk Hide.

This process takes 5 minutes per leather.

Of course, you can also have multiple leathers made one after the other by simply placing several Sernuk Hides in the queue.

Prodice Leather in the Fabric Loom


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