I would like to explain in more detail how you can make fabric in Palia and where you can find and produce the cotton you need to make fabric.

Buy fabric

The easiest way to get fabric is to simply buy it.

To do this, go to the furniture store in Kilima Village.

Furniture store in Kilima village

In this building you will find a cash register that you can interact with.

Cash register in the furniture store

You can easily buy the fabric there.

Buy fabric directly

However, this is relatively expensive at 190 gold and you should only do this if you have enough gold and don't care or you really need it and only need it in small quantities.

An emergency solution, so to speak.

Buy cotton

Another alternative is to purchase the cotton you need to make fabric.

However, I can't highly recommend this because you'll only save 10 gold and you'll still have to make the material yourself afterwards.

Buy cotton directly

You can find the cotton purchase shop west of Kilima Village.

Shop to buy cotton

There is actually no reason to buy the cotton directly.

Buy cotton seeds

Cotton seeds are probably the best, cheapest and most sustainable alternative to buying the fabric directly.

The hardware store is the store that sells you the cotton seeds.

This can be found directly in the village of Kilima.

General store in Kilima village
Buy cotton seeds

Once you have purchased these cotton seeds, you can grow them on your property.

It takes 5 days for them to grow, so don't forget to water them regularly.

Make fabric

To do this you first need a loom.

You get the recipe for this from Tish and need the carpentry skill at level 2.

The recipe for the loom at Tish

Once you have the recipe, you can make the loom.

Once you have crafted the loom, you can place it on your property.

There you can craft 1 fabric with 1 cotton.

This process takes 8 minutes per fabric.

Of course, you can also put several fabrics in a queue and they will be produced gradually.

Produce Fabric in the Fabric Loom


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