In this post, I would like to explain to you the general characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, and the special powers of the Ghost Onryo and The Twins, so that you can clearly identify and recognize the Ghost.


Hidden Powers of the Onryo

The Onryo cannot hunt while there is Flame within 4 meters.

Once he has blown out 3 flames and there is no other flame nearby, he will immediately hunt, regardless of the sanity.

A crucifix nearby will of course prevent this hunt.

Here's a video I found on Reddit:


The probability of blowing out flames increases with each player that dies.

The Onryo hunts at 60% average sanity, but can always hunt once it blows out 3 flames.


Spirit Box
Ghost Orb
Freezing Temperatures


The Onryo is often referred to as "The Wrathful Spirit". It steals souls from dying victims' bodies to seek revenge. This ghost has been known to fear any form of fire, and will do anything to be far from it.


Extinguishing a flame can cause an Onryo to attack.


When threatened, this ghost will be less likely to hunt.

The Twins

Hidden Powers of The Twins

The Twins can interact with several objects in different rooms at the same time.

You can think of it as 2 different Ghosts, one that can interact nearby and the other one from afar.

When The Twins hunt up close they are slightly slower, and when hunting from afar they are slightly faster than normal ghost speed.

Although it doesn't sound like it now, The Twins are just a single ghost and both the motion sensor and salt can only be "used" at close range.

The Twins hunt at 50% average sanity.


EMF Level 5
Spirit Box
Freezing Temperatures


These ghosts have been reported to mimic each other's actions. They alternate their attacks to confuse their prey.


Either Twin can be angered and initiate an attack on their prey.


The Twins will often interact with the environment at the same time.

Equipment Upgrades

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Identify the Ghost

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