In this post, I would like to explain to you the general characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, and the special powers of the Ghost Raiju and Obake, so that you can clearly identify and recognize the Ghost.


Hidden Powers of the Raiju

A Raiju is very fast when it is near powered electronic devices belonging to you or your fellow players.

No electronic devices of the house count!

This range depends on the size of the map you are on.

Small map = 6 meters
Middle map = 8 meters
Large map = 10 meters

However, head cameras are not included.

When the Raiju hunts, the electronic devices will flicker from a distance of 15 meters instead of 10 meters, contrary to all other ghosts.

So if you keep hearing the ghost speeding up and slowing down suddenly, it's most likely running near and then away from your electronic devices, and it's a Raiju.

The Raiju will hunt from 50% average sanity, but can hunt from 65% average sanity when active electronics are nearby.


EMF level 5
Ghost Orb
D.O.T.S. Projector


A Raiju is a demon that thrives on electrical current. While generally calm, they can become agitated when overwhelmed with power.


A Raiju can siphon power from nearby electrical devices, making it move faster.


Raiju are constantly disrupting electronic equipment when attacking, making it easier to track.


Hidden Powers of the Obake

An Obake is the only ghost able to produce 6 finger ultraviolet in the ultraviolet evidence. However, this is only a chance!

Ultraviolet are always evidence of Obake, as long as you have evidence.

If you play with a fingerprint guarantee, only the Obake can hide this evidence with a 25% chance.

An Obake can halve the duration of ultraviolet with his ability.

In addition, the Obake has the ability to shape-shift.

As a result, he changes his ghost form into that of another ghost at least once per hunt.

It can also occur multiple times and is particularly noticeable when the ghost is in a crawling form, or assumes it for a moment.

The Obake hunts at 50% average sanity.


EMF Level 5
Ghost Orb


Obake are terrifying shape-shifters, capable of taking on many forms. They have been seen taking on humanoid shapes to attract their prey.


When interacting with the environment, an Obake will rarely leave a trace.


Sometimes this ghost will shapeshift, leaving behind unique evidence.

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