In this post I want to show you how to unlock the character Eleanor Uziron and a simple build that will let you finish the game nice and relaxed and unlock the achievements associated with the character.


You unlock the character Eleanor Uziron by opening the coffin in the Lake Foscari map.

This map is one of the two new maps included in the paid DLC Tides of the Foscari.

The coffin is in the top left of the map, although you cannot walk straight to it, you must follow the given paths on the map.


The character starts with 90 Max HP, but has +20% movement speed, increased development by 25%, which gives him more experience gained and +2 re-elections.

The character starts with the SpellString weapon,

In addition, at level 10 he automatically gains the SpellStream weapon.

This is then on the floor and you can accept or reject it.

If you already have the maximum number of weapons, you will get them as an additional weapon!

At level 20 the character gets his next weapon, namely the SpellStrike.

Once you have maxed all of his weapons, you can evolve them into the SpellStrom weapon.

After the evolution, you also have 2 free weapon slots that you can fill with other weapons, so you should develop this weapon as soon as possible.

At level 30 you get the academy badge.

The next weapon, which works similarly and also gives you another weapon slot, is the Phieraggi weapon.

This consists of the weapons Phiera Der Tuphello

and Eight The Sparrow.

Together with the support item Tiragisú, these two are further developed into Phieraggi and free up a weapon slot again.

The Duplicator also works really well here, as it increases the number of your projectiles.

You can also fill one of the free weapon slots with the Lightning Ring.

And thereby transforming him into his Thunder Loop evolution.

Another good weapon would be the axe.

Along with the support item Candelabrador, which also increases the range of your attacks,

Do you develop them further into the death spiral.

You can also use the whip to get some HP back

along with the Hollow Heart

evolve into the Bloody Tear.

You fill the last weapon slot with the Runetracer.

In addition, get Empty Tome as a support item so that your weapons have a significantly lower cooldown.

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