In this post I want to show you a simple build for the character Pugnala Provola that will let you finish the game nice and relaxed and unlock the achievements associated with the character.

The character Pugnala Provola starts the run with 100 Max HP and +20% movement speed.

In addition, the character gets +1% Might with each level he gains, which corresponds to 1% extra damage.

As a result, the character automatically becomes stronger and stronger as the run progresses. Provided, of course, that you continue to level up.

The character starts the run with 2 weapons.

These are Phiera Der Tuphello

and Eight The Sparrow.

We will mainly focus on these weapons here, because the development is extremely strong on the one hand and on the other hand 2 weapons become one again, and you get another slot for an extra weapon.

The development is done with Tiragisú.

This will give you the weapon Phieraggi.

This deals a lot of damage in a radius around you, making it extremely easy to eliminate enemies.

The support item bracer gives you additional speed of projectiles, which will give you a good improvement for all other items here.

The other weapons and items that I recommend for the run are the axe

which you can use with the support item Candelabrador, which also increases all your attacks,

will evolve into the death spiral.

Next comes the King Bible

which you, together with the Spellbinder, which increases the duration of all your weapon effects,

evolve into the Unholy Vespers.

Next, get the Runetracer without a support item.

Then there's the Lightning Ring

which together with the Duplicator, which is a very good item for most characters anyway, simply by making your weapons fire extra projectiles,

to the Thunder Loop.

Finally, only the Fire Wand is missing

which you together with the spinach, which also gives you extra damage for all your attacks,

bring to the Hellfire evolution.

With this, you should have enough area damage and targeted individual damage if you run in the direction of the hellfire and can easily complete a stage with the character.

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