Sneaking or stealth is very popular in Payday 3 and here you'll learn how to create an optimal build to be as effective as possible with it.

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Payday 3 - Stealth Build
Schleichen oder Stealth ist in Payday 3 sehr beliebt und hier erfährst du, wie du einen optimalen Build erstellen kannst, um damit möglichst effektiv zu sein.



Hacker allows you to hack cameras to access them as if you were in the security room.

With the Basic level, you get one Runtime.

Aced can overcharge cameras that are already affected by active charging.

This causes everyone around the camera to be stunned and destroy the camera.

You also get another Runtime.

Secure loop

Secure Loop consumes a charge and ensures that the camera cannot detect you.

If the camera is destroyed, you will get your Runtime back.

If you use a charge when you are out of Runtimes, the oldest Runtime will be removed from the camera.

Glitch Protocol

Glitch Protocol allows you to interrupt a guard's current action for 5 seconds.

If you are escorted out of a private zone, you will be released and the guard will no longer be looking for you.

If you are being held, you can use it to save yourself and the guard will go back to search mode.

You can use this every 60 seconds.



Grifter gives you a Rush stack when you are without a mask and near civilians or employees.

Walk the walk

Walk the Walk gives you Rush when you don't have a mask on and cameras can't detect you when you walk in Private Zones.

Social engineering

Social Engineering gives you the ability to be ignored by employees for illegal actions when Rush is active and as long as you are without a mask.

Open Mic

With Open Mic you respond to radios 50% faster.


With Slippery you can free yourself from handcuffs by breaking them by lockpicking them.



Infiltrator gives you Rush when you pick a lock or kill an enemy with a throwing knife.

Aced gives you Rush when a guard detects you.

Quick Fingers

As long as you have Rush, Quick Fingers allows you to instantly pick the lock when you jiggle the lock (minigame).


If you have Rush, you can bag your loot 50% faster.



If you sprint for at least 3 seconds, Escapist will give you Rush.


Swift increases your sprinting speed by 10%, giving you overall increased gameplay, which can save you a lot of time and save you from dangerous situations.



With Manipulator you tie up and trade hostages 50% faster, although only tieing up is relevant here.


Overbearing increases the range of your intimidating scream by 20%.

In addition, civilians stay on the ground 50% longer after being shouted at by you.

QCQ Specialist

CQC Specialist

CQC Specialist gives or renews Rush when you perform a takedown.


Groundskeeper makes your takedowns 20% faster.

Pressure Points

With Pressure Points, the bodies you leave behind must be examined before the alarm can be raised.

This means you can react quickly if one of your bodies is found.

Best Builds

Payday 3 - The best builds
An overview of all my builds can be found here.New builds will be added in the respective category.


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