Diablo 4 Season 2 Build - Sorcerer Ice Shards. In this post I would like to introduce you to my Sorcerer Build Ice Shards.

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Ice Shards is an extremely powerful ability of the Sorcerer class. You constantly freeze enemies, causing a chain reaction of more ice shards that decimate every enemy in sight.


Ice Shards - Ice shards form automatically and fly towards frozen enemies

Fire Bolt - Set enemies on fire with each attack

Basic Skills

2 points in Fire Bolt to be able to use the enchantment and get to the core skills.

You will not actively use this ability later on.

Core Skills

Your core skill, Ice Shards, is your main skill.

These deal increased damage to frozen enemies.

Also, they have a chance to jump onto more enemies, which becomes a guarantee for frozen enemies.

In addition, enemies count as frozen as long as you have an active barrier.

Defensive Skills

You use all your defensive skills.

Flame Shield makes you immune, increases your movement speed and heals you.

You can use Teleport to move faster or to escape from sticky situations. For each enemy hit by Teleport, the cooldown is reduced and you also get temporary damage reduction.

Ice Armor gives you a barrier, which is good for your Ice Shards again and increases your mana regeneration.

Frost Nova is your most important ability next to Ice Shards, so you reduce the cooldown by investing full points here as well.

Frost Nova freezes all nearby enemies, reducing the cooldown of each frozen enemy and making them vulnerable for a few seconds.

Glass Cannon increases your damage dealt at the cost of increased damage taken.

Elementals Attunement gives you a chance to complete your defensive cooldowns.

Conjuration Skills

You don't use an active ability here.

Alignment of the Elements increases your damage reduction against elite and bosses over time.

Protection ensures that you gain a barrier for every cooldown you use.

Mastery Skills

Again, you only use passive talents here.

Devouring Blaze gives you increased critical hit damage against enemies that are burning. Your enchantment of Fire Bolt will do so to any opponent.

Ultimate Skills

Your ultimate skill, Deep Freeze, is primarily a defensive skill that does damage, but can bridge the time between ongoing cooldowns by making you completely immune.

After the skill expires, you also gain a barrier and all other skill cooldowns are reduced.

Key Passives

Your Key Passive will be Avalanche.

There is a chance the next use of an Ice Shards will consume no mana and deal increased damage.

The chance is doubled if the opponent is vulnerable.

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