I'll show you a build guide for the character SWAT, what team members you should choose, what skills you should focus on and what items you should choose.

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Yet Another Zombie Survivors: SWAT Build Guide
Ich zeige dir einen Build Guide für den Charakter SWAT, welche Team Mitglieder du wählen solltest, auf welche Fähigkeiten du setzen solltest und welche Items du wählen solltest.

The SWAT gives you as a team leader a 5% increased reload speed.


The SWAT starts with a pistol.

Getting this to max level in the beginning is your best bet.

This increases both the damage, the fire rate and the magazine size.

Once you reach the maximum level, you can upgrade it to the SMG.

This gains damage and magazine size with further upgrades.

As soon as you have also brought these to the maximum level and have already unlocked the other weapons, you should select the Assault Rifle here.

With this weapon and the enormously increased damage compared to the SMG, as well as the larger magazine, you get very good control over the zombies in your area and also a good damage boost against bosses.


During the weapon upgrade process, feel free to acquire the Helicopter Strike ability.

With this you are already bombing the hordes of zombies and you can gain experience and money faster.

But you should wait until you have your weapon at maximum level before upgrading it.

If you already have it unlocked, get the Automatic Turret too.

Upgrades from it increase damage and decrease cooldown.


Once you've maxed out both your character's weapon and skills, you should get your first recruit.

I recommend getting the engineer first.

With your skills, this gives you a wonderful addition to your previous attacks.

Get Electrocution first.

And upgrade this ability as soon as possible, as it will decrease the cooldown and increase the range of the ability.

If you've already unlocked it, be sure to get the Energy Shield as well.

Its upgrade bring increased duration, more damage and reduced cooldown.

The Engineer's weapon is also a good complement to his skills, especially the upgrades.

As a second recruit, I recommend the Ghost.

This boosts your damage with its Protocol: Critical ability enormously for the duration due to the increased critical hit chance.

Also, his weapon's upgrades bring a wonderful addition to the Engineer's Energy Shield and Electrocution.


As with any other build, the Teddy Bear is actually always a good choice as it increases your happiness.

Yet Another Zombie Survivors: Happiness
In this short post I will explain you general information about the stat Happiness in the game Yet Another Zombie Survivors, how to get it and what exactly this stat brings.

Nuts & Bolts and other items that reduce your skill cooldown are highly recommended.

Also items like Ax or Boxing Gloves that increase your weapon damage or even your fire rate.

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