Since the changes to upgrading the guild, it is no longer so easy to estimate exactly how much it costs in total to upgrade. Has it become more expensive, or maybe even cheaper?

At the end of 2018, Playa Games changed the guild upgrade system. The upgrades no longer belong to the guild, but to the players who bought them. If a player leaves the guild, he also takes his share of the upgrades.

Guild Full Build Before December 18, 2018

There were three buildings in the old guild system that could be improved: treasure, instructor and the fortress. All buildings could be upgraded up to level 50, while the fortress started at level 10 right away. Each level of treasure or instructor gave a 2% bonus to gold, or exp by adventure. The level of the fortress determined the maximum number of guild members, which is still at a maximum of 50 today.

Before the update, it was the sole responsibility of the owner and officers to manage the guild bank and invest in the three possible buildings. The total cost of each building was relatively similar:

Cost for a full build guild before december 2018
Building Gold Mushrooms
Treasure 187.182 1.625
Instructor 187.182 1.625
Fortress 186.687 1.625
Sum 561.051 Gold 4.875 Mushrooms

If every player paid the same amount into the guild bank, it became much cheaper for large guilds per player:

Cost per player
Guild members Gold Mushrooms
1 561.051 4.875
10 56.105 488
25 22.442 195
50 11.221 98

Guild Full Upgrades Today

Today the fortress no longer exists in the guild. Each guild is able to have 50 members from start. Adventure bonuses are now calculated using the group skill. Each can be upgraded up to level 500, then the maximum of 100% is reached. As a result, each level increases the group skill by 0.2%.

If you add up the costs until level 500, the treasure (TR) alone costs 11.642.890 gold and 4.930 mushrooms for a single player, the instructor (IN) just as much.

The gold cost of skills increases until level 50, after that they are constant at 25,000 gold per level. Similar with mushrooms, where the maximum amount is reached at level 10. From there on, every upgrade costs 10 mushrooms.

This is why the upgrades are much cheaper, if you can split the 500 levels among several guild members:

Cost for a full build guild after december 2018
Guild members Gold (TR+IN) Pilze (TR+IN)
1 (500 group skill each) 23.285.780 9.860
10 (50 group skill each) 7.857.800 8.600
25 (20 group skill each) 4.644.500 6.500
50 (10 group skill each) 789.000 3.000

The costs per player decrease accordingly:

Cost per player
Guild members Gold (TR+IN) Mushrooms (TR+IN)
1 (500 group skill each) 23.285.780 9.860
10 (50 group skill each) 785.780 860
25 (20 group skill each) 185.780 260
50 (10 group skill each) 15.780 60

Comparison of both upgrade systems

If you compare the current system with the old one, you can see that with a small guild, it has become much more difficult to get a well-upgraded guild up and running.

Since there is no fortress anymore, it is possible to have 50 (previously 10) members immediately after founding a guild. This makes it easier to get a guild close to full, which also lowers upgrade costs.

For full guilds, the costs decreased by 1875 mushrooms (with even upgrades among the members). This is a good thing for "free to play players", because now mushrooms found on adventures can also be invested into the guild. Previously it was only possible to reach a fully upgraded guild by buying mushrooms.