Here you can find out how to create an optimal build with the Pyromancer class, the item Dark Lantern and the Ashbringer specialization.


The Pyromancer starting backpack is the Fire Pit.

This will give you a 9-slot backpack that will automatically give you 1 gold when you enter the shop and buy a Flame.

You also get 5 max HP for each flame that is in the backpack at the start of the round.

You also start with 2 Flames.

These each give you 1 heat at the start of the round.

Lastly, you start with a Wooden Sword.

Class item

At the beginning of the 8th round you will receive your choice of the class item.

Here you choose the Dark Lantern.

This means you lose 50% of your HP every time you start the round.

Before you die, you reincarnate again with 50% HP and become invulnerable for 2 seconds.

In addition, you deal 7 damage for each fire item on the left and inflict 6 debuffs on the enemy for each darkness item on the right.

More items

Probably the most important item, besides your class item, is the phoenix.

This gives you an additional reincarnation that triggers the effects of your Dark Lantern again.

This additional reincarnation does not stack with multiple Phoenixes!

The amount of HP you are reincarnated with depends on your heat buffs.

Accordingly, you should carry as many flames as possible in your backpacks so that you have a lot of heat in the round from the start.

However, you will lose 10 HP every time the Phoenix attacks.

You can counteract this well with items like the heart container, as you don't necessarily have to trigger reincarnation, it simply gives you a good damage boost.

Healing herbs also give you regeneration for a small space.

You can combine coal with a flame to make a burning coal.

This also gives you 2 stacks of heat every few seconds and cleanses an additional 3 debuffs.

A few of them give you a very good source of heat with their flames.

The Glowing Crown gives you an additional source of healing and the removal of blindness debuffs.


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