Here you can find out how to create an optimal build with the Reaper class and the Cursed Dagger to really decimate your opponents.


The Reaper starts with the Storage Coffin.

This has 8 slots and each activated item that is in it has a 25% chance to cause 1 Poison Debuff on the opponent.

The Reaper also starts with a Fly Agaric.

This causes 1 poison debuff to the enemy every 5 seconds, which stacks with the backpack's buff.

Accordingly, it is very good to get a few more of them.

Class item

As soon as round 8 arrives, you will be given the choice of your class items.

Here you choose the Hexblade specialization, which rewards you with the Cursed Dagger.

With this Cursed Dagger you randomly cause 2 debuffs to the opponent with each of its attacks.

In addition, the Cursed Dagger itself and all items adjacent to the star receive +1% accuracy and +1% critical chance per debuff on the opponent.

Together with the Fly Agaric and the Cursed Dagger, you get debuffs stacked extremely quickly and thus have an almost guaranteed chance of hitting and causing critical hits - if the fight goes on long enough.

In order to make the fight last as long as possible, you need a few more items to make this easier.

Additional Items

Earlier in the game you can get one or two Pestilence Flasks.

The Death Scythe works best with the Cursed Dagger.

Items adjacent to the Death Scythe cause +100% Poison Debuffs.

You also get 50% critical strike chance once the opponent reaches 35 Poison Debuff.

This of course harmonizes perfectly with the critical bonus of the Cursed Dagger.

A good item to prolong the fight as much as possible so that you can build up enough poison debuffs is the Heart Container.

This consumes 7 buffs from regeneration, giving you 80 maximum HP, 15% extra healing and 2 empower.

Together with a few Healing Herbs, you can trigger the effect right at the start of the round and get a lot of extra HP straight away.

One or two extra piggy banks for more gold per round are also very good.

With this combination I was even able to defeat the much-played and currently very strong Berserker without any problems.


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