Here you can find out how to create an optimal build with the Ranger class and the Mega Clover.


The Ranger starts with the Ranger Bag.

This has 6 slots and items in it, gets a 10% critical hit chance and another +3% for each stack of luck.

The Ranger also starts with a Wooden Sword.

And a Lucky Clover, which gives you 1 stack of Luck at the start of the round.

Class item

Once Round 8 begins, you will be given your choice of class items.

Here we take Grovekeeper, i.e. the item Mega Clover.

This means you get 2 Lucky Clovers after every round, i.e. as soon as you enter the shop.

Once you have 20 stacks of Luck, you will also get 40 random buffs.

That's why it's important to actively use the Lucky Clover so that you start the round with 20 Luck and can therefore make use of the massive number of buffs.

In addition, your chance of finding unique items increases by 20%.

Unfortunately, the unique items are difficult to influence, but I have had some absolutely fantastic rounds with the present so far.

This will give you random items instead of gold that have a higher value than the gold you would have gotten.

This means that, in the worst case scenario, you can simply sell them all and have even more gold than you would have had anyway, but you have the chance of getting some very powerful items that you can incorporate into your build.

These other unique items are also potentially extremely powerful and can give you a decent advantage.

Additional Items

Piggybank is an item that can provide a big advantage, especially in the early stages of the game.

This will give you 1 gold per Piggybank every time you enter the shop.

You can also combine the Piggybank with 2 Lucky Clovers to create a Lucky Piggy.

In addition to the gold, this gives you Luck's 2 stack at the beginning of the round, which saves you a lot of space overall.

The Djinn Lamp gives you different buffs every 2 seconds, which can also be luck, so you get a lot of buffs with several Djinn Lamps.

Combined with the Wolpertinger, which gives you 3 buffs of the buff you have the least of every 5 seconds, this works extremely well.

This effect can be triggered much more quickly if you can attach pets adjacent to the Wolpertinger.


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