Here you can find out how to create an optimal build for the Pyromancer class with the Friendly Fire class item and the Firebender specialization.


The Fire Pit is the Pyromancer starting backpack.

This has a total of 9 slots and automatically buys you 1 flame for 1 gold when you enter the shop.

Each flame that is in your Fire Pit at the start of the round gives you 5 extra max HP.

You already have 2 of these flames at the start of the game.

These each give you 1 heat at the start of the round.

You also start the round with the wooden sword.

Class item

At the beginning of the 8th round, you have the choice of your class item.

Here you choose the item Friendly Fire.

Friendly Fire gives you a lot of effects once you reach a certain amount of heat stacks.

Every 3 seconds you expend 1 mana, generating 2 heat.

This time is increased by 10% for each Fire item adjacent to Friendly Fire.

Once you reach 20 Heat, you get 5 Luck.

If you reach 40 heat, you get 15 regeneration

At 80 Heat you deal 100 damage.

More items

To be able to consistently generate the heat from Friendly Fire, you should have a few items that generate mana for you.

Blueberries are very suitable for this because they only use 1 slot and permanently provide you with 1 mana every 3.5 seconds.

Additionally you get 1 luck, once you have 10 mana you just get luck stacks instead.

As mentioned before, you should have as many fire items around your class item as possible so that you can take advantage of the increased activation.

The flames that you get every round are particularly suitable for this at the beginning.

Individual slots can then also be filled with other fire items.

The Phoenix is a very good item for dealing good extra damage and getting reincarnation if you die, as you will have a lot of heat stacks.

As a weapon, you can first upgrade the initial wooden sword into a torch using a lump of coal.

Which then, when a flame is adjacent to it, upgrades to a Burning Torch.

This creates heat for you at the beginning of the round and has the chance of getting extra damage with every hit.

1-2 Draconic Orbs give the guaranteed critical hit once you have 15 heat and remove thorn buffs from your opponent and give you heat in return.

Another source of heat is the chili pepper.

You can also combine these with the Goobert to make a Chili Goobert.

In order to make optimal use of the effects, items that activate as quickly as possible and, in the best case, 4 items should be adjacent to the Chili Goobert.

The heart container for extra regeneration and max HP.

And the Glowing Crown for blind removal are always a good addition to this build too.

My winning inventory looked like this:


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