Here you can find out how to create an optimal build for the Pyromancer class with the Dragon Nest class item and the Scalewarden specialization.


The Pyromancer starts with the starting backpack Fire Pit.

This has 9 slots and automatically gives 1 flame when you enter the shop. This costs you 1 gold.

You also get 5 max HP for each flame that is in the backpack at the start of the round.

You also start with 2 flames.

These each give you 1 heat at the start of the round.

The wooden sword is your starting weapon on the Pyromancer.

Class item

The 8th round gives you the choice of your class items.

Here you choose the Dragon Nest, which leads you to the Scalewarden specialization.

The Dragon's Nest gives you some buffs at the start of each round.

These would be 3 luck, 2 regeneration, 4 mana and 5 heat.

You also heal yourself for every dragon attack if it is adjacent to the dragon's nest and dragon eggs at the dragon's nest hatch after just 1 round.

In addition, Dragon Eggs are offered to you much more often in the shop.

Additional Items

In order to benefit optimally from the bonuses of the Dragon Nest, it is of course recommended to mainly get dragons that are adjacent to the Dragon Nest.

Probably the best dragon is the Obsidian Dragon.

Although this takes up 6 slots in your backpack, it causes significantly more damage than the smaller dragon pups.

He also gets increased damage and triggers an additional attack once you reach 15 heat stacks.

The Obsidian Dragon is created from a combination of the Ruby Whelp and the Draconic Orb.

Other dragons at the dragon's nest can of course also be the small variants such as the Amethyst Whelp.

The main thing is that they are located directly at the Dragon Nest.

Additional Draconic Orbs to generate heat and benefit from guaranteed critical hits at 15 heat stacks are also highly recommended.

1-2 chili peppers are also very good for generating further healing and removing a debuff at 10 heat stacks.

The only major weakness of this build, in my experience, was Blind when it reached higher stacks.

That's why I recommend you at least 1 Glowing Crown so that you can remove these stacks again.

A nice extra is that at 10 mana you become invulnerable for 2 seconds, although the healing from the dragon's nest and chili peppers is already fantastic.

The inventory for a win without defeat looked like this:


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