The Shroud Sack and the Ammonia Gland are different materials, but you can farm them relatively easily at the same time. You can find out exactly how to do this here.

Teleport position

The tower seen in the picture is the easiest way to get close to the Shroud we will be moving to here.

The Elixir Well to the right of the tower will be our landmark.

Don't be afraid of the red Shroud you see in the picture.

There are bridges directly below us that we can walk across to avoid the red Shroud.

Alternatively, you can simply fly your glider to the specified point if you have enough stamina.

Once in the Shroud, we look for the large red walking mushrooms.

Not to be confused with the passive and shy version you may have already seen.

There are usually 2 of these red mushrooms at the specified location, which you should ideally fight separately.

To combat these mushrooms, it is recommended to use a magic wand with fire damage.

The mushrooms are vulnerable to fire damage and deal fast-acting poison damage that can knock your socks off very quickly if you're not careful.

That's why I recommend you avoid melee combat with these enemies.

Even if you're not a magician, you'll be much more efficient with a wand than in melee combat.


The mushrooms then drop you a larger amount of ammonia glands.

You also always get a few Shroud Sacks.

Resource regeneration

In order to be able to farm the two materials Shroud Sack and Ammonia Gland again and again, you can simply reset the enemies in this area by exiting your game and restarting your world.

In this way you ensure that the opponents reset themselves - in addition, all deposits of ore and the like are reset again, and you can farm them again.

Use of Shroud Sack and ammonia gland

You need Shroud Sacks, among other things, to create non-consumable skills for the Alchemist.

You, in turn, need the ammonia glands to raise your flame altar to the 5th level.


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