Lumps of clay are a resource in Enshrouded that you mainly need to make the kiln and fire fired bricks in it or to make the smelter at the blacksmith.

You can find the exact location of a few clay deposits here, which you can easily reach without encountering any enemies.

Teleport position

There is a tower near some clay deposits that you can teleport to.

You can teleport to this tower as soon as you have conquered it.

To do this, you have to solve several levels of small puzzles until you reach the top.

From this tower you will immediately see 3 deposits of clay lumps if you look west.

You can easily reach this with the glider from the tower.

It's best to start with the one at the top right so you can then drop down to the other two to reach them.

Once you have arrived at one of these deposits, you can easily mine it with the pickaxe.

In addition to lumps of clay, you will also get stones.

Resource regeneration

You can farm the various clay deposits over and over again by simply going back to the main menu and restarting your world.

You can then teleport back to the tower and mine the clay deposits shown again.

Using Lumps of Clay

One of the first uses of lumps of clay is to make a kiln in carpentry.

You need this kiln to make fired bricks, and you also need logs, which you can get from any normal tree.

You will need a good number of the fired bricks to melt at the blacksmith.

Since it is not very time-consuming to make fired bricks and you always need a few of them, you can always make a few in reserve.

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