Resin is a resource in Enshrouded that cannot be found in abundance, especially at the beginning. Nevertheless, resin is needed for many different crafts and here I will show you the best way to get and farm resin.

Big tree

Especially at the beginning and at the 1st base, the most common way to get resin is to cut down the larger trees around your base.

While these aren't guaranteed to give you resin, they still have a relatively good chance of dropping some resin for you when mining.

Although you can fell trees reasonably effectively with any ax, I recommend that you craft at least the first lumberjack ax for this purpose, as this causes significantly more damage to the trees and allows you to farm the resin better.

Yellow tree

Trees with yellow leaves will almost always give you resin if you cut them down.

However, these are somewhat "rare" than the large trees, which are plentiful in your first base, especially at the beginning.

The yellow trees usually only appear sporadically, but are scattered across the entire map.

The big advantage of these trees is that you can recognize them very easily because the yellow leaves stand out very well.

Here you can see a few of these yellow trees that you can find almost in the immediate vicinity of the first base.

The base is the red shimmer on the right side of the picture.


With the Lumberjack skill, you can boost the efficiency of your farming a lot.

Since you do more damage to the trees and can cut them down faster, but also save the durability of your axe, you can explore and farm resin significantly further than without this skill.

Use of Resin

What the resin is initially needed for is upgrading your Flame Altar.

Although only 5 resin are needed here, these can still easily be missing if you don't know exactly where to get them.

Also, for one of the first pieces of armor that you can make at the blacksmith, you need resin for most of the parts.

The boots give you +1 health regeneration, which can be very useful, especially for one of the first boots.

The chest plate gives you a large amount of extra HP and also a lot of physical resistance.

The helmet and therefore one of the first helmets ever also gives you good physical resistance.

The fireball spell charge also requires resin.

Since these charges are used up, you will always need new resin here.


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