Tin ore is mainly used to produce tin bars and then bronze bars.

Since bronze ingots and tin ingots are required for a variety of recipes, it is important to farm as much tin ore as efficiently as possible.

I'll show you how you can do this easily here.

Location of Tin ore

On the far left of the picture you can see the very first base that is given to you by the game.

Of course, you no longer have to own this, it is just for guidance.

I'm currently in an Elixir Well where you can find a good amount of Tin Ore.

To do this, simply go into the elixir fountain from above and follow the path a little way down.

There you will find these tin deposits on the floor and on the walls.

With this you should easily be able to farm 20-30 tin ore.

Resource regeneration

In order to be able to farm these tin deposits over and over again, you can let the tin "regenerate" by simply exiting your game, i.e. going back to the main menu and simply restarting your game.

Relatively close to the elixir fountain, i.e. to the west of it, you will find a tower that you can easily use after conquering it to quickly teleport there - alternatively, you can simply build your own flame altar closer to the Shroud area.

Use of Tin ore

As mentioned before, you need tin ore to make tin bars.

To make 3 tin bars you need 15 tin ore, 5 coal and 2 wood acid.

You will then need these tin bars to make bronze bars.

In addition to the tin bars, you also need 10 coal and 7 copper bars.

You will then need bronze bars to create many other recipes.

The large box is probably one of the most useful.

To save space and make your home look nicer, larger boxes are always recommended.

I also find it much more pleasant to be able to store many different materials in one or a few boxes rather than in many.


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