Amber is a resource in Enshrouded that is not so easy to find. I want to show you some of the most common locations on the map in more detail here so that you can farm enough amber to build items and upgrade your Flame Altar.

Most amber deposits can be found by porting to the specified teleport point.

This is a tower that must be conquered first in order for you to unlock the teleport point.

Resource regeneration

You can always revisit the individual points and farm more amber, as the resources reset when you are back in the main menu and restart your world.

Teleport point

From this tower you can then glide directly into the miasma and fly close to the upcoming points.



You can see the first point for an amber deposit here.

The amber deposit itself looks like this.

To do this, chop the small orange stones that can also be found further into the large rock.


The second point for an amber deposit can be found here.

Here too you have a rock that you can continue to mine as long as you still see small orange stones and get your amber.


The 3rd location where you will find amber deposits is at the northern end of this miasma.

There you will find several amber deposits, all of which you can mine and get a large amount of amber.

Use of Amber

You need amber for a variety of equipment or recipes.

Probably the most important thing is upgrading your flame altar.

Especially as a magician, you will always need amber to craft the fireball spell, which wears out and therefore has to be remade again and again.

Some amber stones are also required for the individual set parts of the healer set.

The alchemist's magician set also requires a few amber for almost all of the individual set pieces.


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