To help shape the future of Factory Town, on the developer's todo list can be voted for new features to determine which ones should be implemented next.

Factory Town has now been available for several months as the Early Access version on Steam. Since then, the game has greatly improved and there was already a lot of content added. On, fans of the game can vote for the features they would like to see most in the future of Factory Town.

All you need to vote is a Trello account. Alternatively, you can sign up with a Google account. In this post I describe the things I want most for Factory Town.

Mod Support / API

Mods are "modifications" to the game. They change existing elements of the game, or even add new ones. In many games, such as Minecraft or Cities: Skylines, there are thousands of mods that expand and enhance the games in a variety of areas. These games are seeing tremendous success with the infinite range of additional content and ways to customize the game as the player pleases. This makes these games practically timeless, they just never get boring.

In order to enable programmers to create mods more easily, a so-called API (application-programming-interface) is required. This helps programmers to get behind the code. However, there is no API yet for Factory Town, which makes it very long-winded to modify the game.

Steam Workshop

The Steam Workshop is a platform similar to the App Store for the smartphone. Additional game content, such as mods, can there be shared and downloaded. The Steam Workshop makes it super easy for players to install mods.

But not only mods can be shared through the Steam Workshop: Custom maps, new items and buildings, scenarios and much more. To make this possible, however, an easy to use editor is required.


They make it possible to copy large complexes of buildings and rebuild exactly the same elsewhere. That saves a lot of time. Blueprints would also go hand in hand with the Steam Workshop. There, you could upload and share blueprints, so that other players can also use the blueprint.

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