The Electric Organs is one of many resources in Palworld. I'll show you where you can find it.

Where to find Electric Organs in Palworld.

The Electric Organs is a crucial resource needed to create electronic devices and weapons. In this article we will show you where you can initially find this resource and collect it efficiently.


Jolthog is one of the first Electro Pals you'll come across. In the Paldex we can see the characteristics of this Pal and find out what we will get if we catch or defeat it.

Jolthog Paldex

The spawn area for Jolthog is quite small and is close to the starting area. This makes it easy to track him down and secure the resources.

Jolthog Location


Sparkit is another pal from which we can get the resource of the electrical gland. This little sweet pal is particularly suitable for the base at the beginning, as in addition to generating electricity it also has hand power and transport as properties

Sparkit has two spawn areas. One is near the starting area, where you will find Sparkit in the level range 2-6. This makes it easier to catch or defeat. In the second area, which is located fairly centrally on the map, the Pals are a little stronger, in the level range 20+. That's why you should be a little careful at first.

If you have already reached a higher level, you can farm these Electric Organs in the desert much more easily. The higher level Pals also drop more of the resource. On average, these Pals drop about 2-5 Electric Organs.

Rayhound and Dazzi

Rayhound and Dazzi are two Electro Pals that we can meet in the desert. They allow you to farm the Electric Organs more efficiently. These Pals can be found both during the day and at night and spawn in the same area.


Rayhound is an Electro-Pal that we find in the desert. He is in the 30+ level range and is usually in pairs. This allows us to easily access the electrical glands.


Dazzi is a cute little Pal, but don't underestimate him as this little Pal usually travels in groups of three - ideal for farming Electric Organs. They are also ideal as helpers in your base. Since this Pal can fly/float, it always finds its way.

The two Pals, Rayhound and Dazzi, have the same spawn area in the lower part of the desert. You'll find them there relatively often and you can grab them.

You should always carry warm and cold armor with you because it gets extremely hot during the day and extremely cold at night. Your normal armor will not be enough for you in this area. High-quality heat and cold armor is recommended.


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