High-quality Pal oil is one of many resources in Palworld. I'll show you where you can find it.

Where to find high-quality Pal oil in Palworld

High-quality Pal Oil is a crucial resource needed for the production of various components and weapons. In this post I will show you where you can initially find this resource and collect it efficiently.

We receive high-quality Pal oil from a variety of Pals. The first pals through which we get high quality pal oil are Woolipop, Dumud and Digtoise. If you catch or defeat these Pals, you will receive one High-Quality Pal Oil each and, with a bit of luck, two.


Woolipop is a really cute pal. If we put it in a livestock farm, it will produce cotton candy. When we catch or defeat them, we also receive High-Quality Pal Oil.


Woolipop is only found in this one spawn area, so it is not the best alternative for farming High Quality Pal Oil.

Wollipop Location


Dumud is a funny fish that gives us High Quality Pal Oil when we catch or defeat him. Unfortunately, this also only gives one to a maximum of two high-quality Pal oil on average.

You can find Dumud in the small desert part in the middle of the map. The enemies there are level 15+, so not too strong. But be careful, because there you might meet one of the bosses, Anubis.

You can find Dumud not only in the small desert part in the middle of the map, but also in the lower left area of the world map. Although the Dumuds there are of a higher level, the hunt is worth it because you get more high-quality Pal oil when you catch or defeat them.


Digtoise is one of the Pals that has high mining ability, which makes this Pal worth capturing. Digtoise also gives us high quality Pal oil.

Also like Dumud, we find Digtoise in the middle of the map. This means you can farm both Pals at the same time and achieve a good yield of high-quality Pal oil.

We can also find Digtoise in the upper right part of the map in the large desert. They are located there in the level 40 range and give us significantly more high-quality Pal oil in this region.

Mammoth remains

Also on our list is Mammorest, because catching or defeating this Pal will give you 6-10 High Quality Pal Oil. Therefore, whenever you see a mammary residue, you should conquer it in order to supply yourself with high-quality Pal oil in between.

Mammoth Pal

There are many different spawn points where Mammorest can be found. Just fly around the areas generously – it will definitely be worth it for you. However, you should note that this pal is always above level 35, so be careful.

Mammoth Location

In the fishing area near the snow biome (top middle of the map), you should always have frost armor with you, as the temperatures can be life-threatening, especially at night.


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