Pal Fluid, or pal juice, is one of many resources in Palworld. I'll show you where you can find them.

How to get Pal Fluid in Palworld.

The resource is relatively easy to get: You can get Pal Fluid as drops from Water Pals. It doesn't matter whether you catch them or defeat them. Here you can see one of the possible places where we can meet Water Pals. Most often they can be found near coasts, or in small rivers and ponds.

This spot near the starting area is a good place to get Pal Fluid at the beginning.

This spot near the starting area is a good place to get Pal Fluid at the beginning.

Celaray and Teafant, for example, are two of the many types of Pals that drop Pal Fluid

All Pals that have a water icon will drop Pal Fluid after being captured or defeated. It is recommended to catch every Pal.

However, you must note that there are no Water Pals in the starting area 'Windrise Hill - Plains of Departure'.

You must travel further and follow the path to the 'Grass Giant's Highlands'. There you will then have a waypoint and can always use fast travel.

Once you have caught Pals, you have the option to see where you can find them.

In the Paldex you simply go to the 'Habitat' button and you can now see where exactly they can be found.

We recommend that you consider using a three-shot bow, especially when hunting the smaller Pals. The main advantage of this bow is that it does moderate damage compared to other weapons. This is particularly beneficial if you plan to capture the Pals alive, which is easily doable with the use of the first Pal Sphere. The bow's reduced damage increases the chance of weakening the Pals without accidentally killing them, giving you the opportunity to capture them effectively and safely.

The three-shot bow.

Note that in some areas the Pals can have higher levels, making them stronger opponents. It is therefore advisable to always have a well-selected team with you in order to be able to cope with these challenges and navigate safely through the game.


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