Flame Organ is one of many resources in Palworld. I'll show you where you can find them.

How to get Flame Organs in Palworld.

The resource is relatively easy to get: you can get Flame Organs as drops from fire pals. It doesn't matter whether you catch them or defeat them. Here you can see one of the possible locations where we can meet Fire Pals.

The first Fire Pals

The first two Fire Pals we meet are Foxparks and Rooby. These two drop a Flame Organs when we catch or defeat them.

Foxparks and Rooby, the two fire pals, are not too strong in terms of level. They range from level 2 to 6, which makes them relatively easy targets to catch, especially at the start of the game.

Spawn areas

The following pictures show in which areas Foxparks (Area 1) and Rooby (Area 2) can be found. They also show where we can initially obtain Flame Organs.

Area 1

The closer we are to the starting points, the easier it is to get to the Pals' glands.

Area 2

Flame Organs in the cattle farm

We can also produce Flame Organs in the livestock farm. This gland is actually the only one we can produce on the farm. Because we can never have enough of these glands.

Livestock farm

To obtain the Flame Organs we need a special Pal, namely Flambelle. By simply using Flambelle on a farm, we'll gain the Flame Organs we need to build buildings and ammunition over time.

We find Flambelle in certain areas and we have to travel a little further to catch it. But the effort is definitely worth it as Flambelle is very useful.

You should be careful: the Pals are relatively strong in the lava area. The Pals in this area are well over level 30 and deal a lot of damage. So be careful and prepare yourself well for this challenge.


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