The poison gland is one of many resources in Palworld. I'll show you where you can find it.


Palworld, the latest craze in gaming heaven. Palworld caused a stir on Steam and Xbox over the weekend. Palworld brings survival elements and a lot of what you know from Pokémon. The limit of one million simultaneous players was simply broken on Steam over the weekend. Over four million games have apparently been sold on Steam, and the number is only expected to grow. Out of nowhere, the game surprised everyone.

The game was developed by PocketPair Inc. under the leadership of CEO Takuro Mizobe. As the name suggests, the development studio is based in Tokyo, Japan.

The game features a mix of survival elements with collecting 'Pals'. This is something we already know from other games, such as Pokémon. These creatures are not only useful for combat, but could also be used in base building and crafting.

Palworld is currently available on Steam and via Microsoft Game Pass. You can play it on Xbox. A PS5 release is currently desired by the community and has already been announced. A Nintendo Switch release is not yet clear, and this is where I think there could be the biggest problems, precisely because of this proximity to Pokémon.

Interestingly, the gaming community shows that the similarities to Pokémon play a minor role for many players. Asmongold has made a detailed video about this:

This is how you get to the poison gland

The resource is relatively easy to get: you can only get poison glands as drops from Shadow Pals. It doesn't matter whether you catch them or defeat them.

Shadow Pals

You can only catch most Shadow Pals at night.

Daerdream Pal

Depresso and Daedream are the first two Pals we can catch to get the coveted poison glands.

In these specific locations we have the opportunity to meet the two Pals, Depresso and Daedream, at night.

Area 1

These areas (area 1 and area 2, see pictures) are the best spawns to get the coveted poison glands.

Area 2

Of course, there are far more Pals that you can catch to get poison glands.

I strongly recommend that you always have a strong and well-chosen Pals with you.

Three-shot bow

In my opinion, the three-shot bow is simply the best bow for fighting small and weaker Pals and then catching them.


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