In this blog post I will introduce you to various service providers for interactive Palworld maps.


Palworld, the latest craze in gaming heaven. Palworld caused a stir on Steam and Xbox over the weekend. Palworld brings survival elements and a lot of what you know from Pokémon. The limit of one million simultaneous players was simply broken on Steam over the weekend. Over four million games have apparently been sold on Steam, and the number is only expected to grow. Out of nowhere, the game surprised everyone.

As the name suggests, the development studio is based in Tokyo, Japan. The game was developed by PocketPair Inc. under the leadership of CEO Takuro Mizobe. As the name suggests, the development studio is based in Tokyo, Japan.

The game features a mix of survival elements with collecting 'Pals'. This is something we already know from other games, such as Pokémon. These creatures are not only useful for combat, but could also be used in base building and crafting.

Palworld is currently available on Steam and via Microsoft Game Pass. You can play it on Xbox. A PS5 release is currently desired by the community, but has not been officially announced yet. A Nintendo Switch release is not yet clear, and this is where I think there could be the biggest problems, precisely because of this proximity to Pokémon.

Interestingly, the gaming community shows that the similarities to Pokémon play a minor role for many players. Asmongold has made a detailed video about this:

Palworld Map

The best map I've found so far is on MapGenie.IO. The Kate offers a detailed view and filters of various locations and spawns. The map offers the following filters:

  • Dungeon - dungeon
  • Fast Travel - fast travel
  • Location - place
  • Point of Interest - Interesting place
  • Syndicate Tower - Syndicate Tower
  • Merchant - dealer
  • NPC - NPC (non-player character)
  • Pal Merchant - Pal merchant
  • Lifmunk Effigy - Lifmunk image
  • Memos - notes
  • Egg - egg
  • Skill Fruit - skill fruit
  • Treasure Chest - treasure chest
  • Alpha Pal - Alpha Pal
  • Boss - boss
  • Biome Boss - Biome boss
  • Enemy Camp - enemy camp
  • Captured Pal - Captured Pal

Palworld Interactive Map | Map Genie
Palworld Interactive Map - All Collectibles, Pal Spawn Locations, Treasure, Bosses, Lifmunk Effigies, Resource Locations, Fast Travel Points & more! Use the progress tracker to get 100% map

You can find another map that is also very practical at

Interactive Map - Palworld
Full Palword Interactive Map. All locations for spawn points, Pals locations, Towers & Bosses, fast travel points and much more.


I think more maps will be available in the next few days. It'll be a while before we have fully developed maps, but until then it's nice to be able to enjoy the game without knowing everything right away, right?

We have acquired Palworld and plan to publish a few articles and guides soon.

Until then, have fun playing Palworld.