In this post, I'll show you what effects, benefits and drawbacks you'll get from the tarot cards you draw and how likely it is to draw each card.

Phasmophobia - Detect ghosts
A summary of all the articles that describe how you can uniquely recognize each Ghost.

The High Priestess (2%)

This is probably the most interesting card of all tarot cards.
If you draw it, one of your dead teammates will be revived!

If more than one of your fellow players has already died, unfortunately, only one random player will be revived.

However, if no player has died yet, the card's effect is saved and the next player who would die is immediately revived.

After that, the effect of the card is gone.

If you are very lucky and even draw 2 or more of these cards, you can even stack this effect!

However, the chance of this happening is very tiny and has happened to me personally only once.

The Tower  (20%)

If you draw this card, the ghost will interact and have twice the activity for a period of approximately 20 seconds.

The Hanged Man (1%)

Unfortunately, drawing tarot cards is not without risk.

If you're really unlucky and draw this card, you die.

There's nothing you can do about it unless you've already drawn a High Priestess or one of your opponents is trying their luck with the Monkey Paw :)

Phasmophobia - Monkey Paw Wishes and Effects
In this article I will show you the wishes of Monkey Paw and their positive and negative effects.

The Wheel of Fortune (20%)

When you draw this card you have a 50% chance of losing Sanity or gaining Sanity.

If the card is green, you get 25% sanity.
However, if the card is red, you lose 25% sanity.

The Fool (17%)

Nothing happens when you draw this card.

However, this card does not appear immediately.
When "The Fool" is drawn, one of the other 9 cards appears first, but then they have no effect at all because this card appears right after - a kind of Troll card.

By the way, if you draw tarot cards during a hunt, there's a 100% guarantee that you'll only draw The Fool cards, so they're wasted cards.

The Devil  (10%)

When drawing The Devil, the ghost will do a ghost event somewhere in the house.

Death  (10%)

If you draw Death, the ghost will immediately close the front door and then start a hunt.

The Hermit (10%)

On drawing this card, the ghost is teleported to its ghost room and held there for a minute - perfect for testing for some ghosts.

The Sun (5%)

As soon as you draw this card, you get 100% Sanity! No negative effects.

The Moon (5%)

If you draw the moon, you immediately lose 100% sanity and are always at 0% sanity.

Equipment Upgrades

Phasmophobia: All equipment upgrades
Progression 2.0 brings some new equipment upgrades, which you will get here in a general overview.


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