Probably the best known and funniest debuff in RimWorld revolves around food. If a colonist has no table to eat at, it spoils his mood. In the worst case scenario, this leads to a breakdown. You can find out which breakdowns your colonists can suffer in RimWorld in this article.

The colonists in RimWorld often have interesting demands. They will happily destroy your base if the table for dinner is missing.

How the Colonists' Mood Works

The colonists' mood is made up of positive and negative buffs. In this way, 100% can be achieved when the mood is great, but if the mood changes, it decreases in percentage terms.

If the mood falls below certain thresholds, a colonist may have a seizure (breakdown). In such a case, caution is advised because, depending on the type of breakdown, it can also be dangerous.

The severity of the breakdown depends on the mood:

  • Minor break threshold: 35%
  • Major break threshold: 20%
  • Extreme break threshold: 5%

In RimWorld there are various “mental breakdowns” that your colonists can suffer:

Minor Breakdowns

  • Food binge
  • Sad wander
  • Hide in room
  • Insulting spree (Insults other colonists)

Major Breakdowns

  • Social drug binge (Consumes a lot of social drugs)
  • Psychotic wandering
  • Tantrum (Attacks furniture)
  • Sadistic rage (Attacks prisoners)
  • Corpse obsession (Digs up a corpse)

Extreme Breakdowns

  • Berserk (Attacks nearby colonists or animals)
  • Fire starting spree
  • Hard drug binge (Consumes a lot of hard drugs)
  • Catatonia (Colonist can no longer move and must be rescued)
  • Jailbreaker (Helps prisoners escape)
  • Slaughterer (Slaughter a tamed animal)
  • Murderous rage (Slays a colonist or prisoner)
  • Run wild (Colonist behaves like an animal and must be tamed)

So you see, it's important to provide enough dining tables for your colonists. This way one or two collapses can be prevented.

Eating Without a Table (-3) is Worse Than These Debuffs

The "Ate without table" debuff subtracts three points from the mood and lasts for a whole day. There are situations that are much worse than that. But eating without a table is worse than these situations in the mind of the colonists:

  • Justified Execution (-2): A guilty prisoner was executed
  • Hungover (Slight) (-2): Colonist was drunk
  • Disturbed Sleep (-1): Colonist was disturbed while sleeping
  • Wearing Human leather (-2): Wears clothing made from human leather
  • Stuck indoors (-1): Hasn't been out in the fresh air for too long
  • Dull prison barrack (-2): The prison isn't nice enough