In this post you will learn everything about the current and upcoming RimWorld DLCs so that you can get a rough overview of the content.


In this DLC you fight against a whole range of new horror creatures that are out to kill your colonists. An exciting new endgame also awaits you. It is not yet known when this DLC will be released.

Biotech (Release: October 21, 2022)

In Biotech, colonists can now become pregnant and reproduce. During childhood, the other colonists have to take care of the children and teach them so that they learn certain skills.

You can breed your own army of mechanoids, which can also perform certain tasks or fight. They need a colonist with a brain implant to control them. However, the mechanoids also produce a lot of pollution, in the form of toxic packets. These must be cooled otherwise they will contaminate the environment.

Biotech also allows you to change your colonists' genes to make them more in line with your wishes. This allows them to become more robust and, for example, have more energy. There are also new factions, such as new super soldiers or vampires who drink blood.

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Ideology (Release: July 20, 2021)

Beliefs and Rituals

With this expansion, each colonist has a combination of beliefs and rituals that influence their actions. Additionally, colonists can influence and persuade each other's ideologies, potentially creating a common belief system in the colony.

For example, there are colonists who would like to live in darkness, worship trees, or reject weapons. While some of these features already exist in the base game, this system is further developed and expanded here.

Colonists can take on social roles and complete certain tasks in order to buff the other colonists.

Relics, New Quests and Items

Every ideology has its own items as relics. These can be found in heavily guarded ruins, crashed drones, or in native villages. Once you have the relic, it becomes easier to convince others of your ideology. Additionally, visitors who examine your relic will bring you gifts.

New quests will also require you to take part in raids that will reward you with wealth. It can happen that small groups set up a camp in front of your base. If you have colonists with aggressive rituals they will demand to attack these groups.

In the Archonexus Endgame you can partially start over, with a small selection of your colonists and animals. Explore the area there and embrace the power of the Archonexus to become even stronger.

There are also a number of new buildings and clothing that also change in appearance and function depending on your beliefs.

Royality (Release: February 24, 2020)

In Royality, a new faction, the “Empire,” becomes a new trading partner for the player. Complete tasks for the Empire to gain prestige and learn new skills.

Build a throne room for your chosen colonist to rank up even further and unlock more abilities.

With Royality, a number of new implants and clothing also come into play. Use this to arm yourself even better against raids.