In this post, we'll look at the differences between the classic storytellers in RimWorld. We also take a look at a few storytellers from the workshop.

Storytellers in RimWorld significantly influence how the game will play out for you. They are responsible for how often you face raiders and how many other events take place.

Cassandra Classic

The default storyteller is Cassandra. The raids Cassandra sends you scale linearly with the value of your colony. While at the beginning only individual raiders and insane animals attack you, the raids in the end game become increasingly difficult in terms of numbers.

Cassandra behaves predictably and always sends raids at the same time intervals. This can be particularly challenging at the end when you haven't finished one raid and then the next one comes along.

The three storytellers in RimWorld: Cassandra, Phoebe and Randy.

This storyteller has on- and off-days. Raids are only sent on on-days; on off-days you have peace and quiet. Cassandra has 4,6 on-days. During this time she can send 1-2 raids, with a cooldown of 1,9 days. Afterwards you have a break during the 6 off-days.

Cassandra's first raid always comes on the fifth day. On average, Cassandra sends you 8,5 raids per year.

Phoebe Chillax

Phoebe gives you more time to relax between raids. Like Cassandra, she has on and off days. After 8 off-days, 8 on-days follow, during which she sends a maximum of one raid. This storyteller also sends random events every 4,8 days.

Randy Random

This storyteller is unpredictable. Randy starts an event every 1,35 days. Whether this is a raid is a coincidence.

However, Randy sends a raid after 13 days at the latest. The strength of the raid is random. Everything between a factor of 0,5 and 1,5 is possible.

On average, Randy sends about 8,5 raids per year, just like Cassandra.

More storytellers from the Steam Workshop:

Ultimate Storyteller

Steam Workshop::Ultimate Storyteller
For version 1.3

To use this storyteller you unfortunately have to set your game to version 1.3. This workshop item has not yet been updated. This storyteller is a combination of Cassandra, Phoebe and Randy.

Spawn Story

Steam Workshop::SpawnStory

The Spawn Storyteller is based on the movie Spawn and sends you raids and smaller incidents at regular intervals. It will definitely be a constant fight for survival.

Rimsenal - Storyteller Pack

Steam Workshop::Rimsenal - Storytellers Pack

This pack includes three storytellers.

"Accipiter Accidental" will spare you at the start of your colony, but will hit you even harder afterward.

"Sereniz Sadistic" sends you fewer raids, but you have to deal with several smaller, sometimes overlapping, annoying events.

"Hildegarde Heroic" is particularly hard on you and will mainly concern you with large raids, but there will be fewer small incidents.

Void Storyteller

Steam Workshop::[RH2] V.O.I.D. Storyteller

The Void Storyteller sounds pretty terrifying. The workshop describes that 12 negative events can take place per day. Furthermore, the maximum population of the colony is said to be twice as high as in the standard game.