Watching streams from professional players is just as much a part of League of Legends as the FF vote at minute 20. While most just watch for entertainment, many want to improve through it. This post will give you some tips on how streams can help you improve.

It is common practice in the League of Legends community for players to regularly watch streams from the top challenger players to see how they play. But that works often more or less well. This guide should make it easier in the future to choose the right streams in order to actually improve your game.

Don't Watch Streams with the Minimap Hidden

These streams are for entertainment only, there is no other way to put it. The most important information is on the minimap: Movements of champions, wards and spawn timers of jungle monsters. If the streamer withholds this information from you, half of the game you won't even understand why something is happening.

Of course, there is a reason why streamers hide the minimap. So-called stream sniping is a not insignificant problem for large streamers. With stream sniping, players in the same elo take advantage of the fact that the streamer could end up in the opposing team. So they queue up for a game at the same time as him and if they end up in the same lobby, the person can see ward spots and champion movements in the stream (with a short delay). This puts the streamer and his entire team at a disadvantage.

Streamers who want to remain anonymous often play on secret smurf accounts with hidden names. They can also leave the minimap on, because they have nothing to fear in this regard. You can learn most from such streams, because you see exactly what the streamer sees.

How Does the Streamer Behave in Wins and Losses?

Professionals are characterized by the fact that they are less guided by emotions. Pay close attention to the streamer's behavior in the game. How does he behave when he loses his lane? Does he play passively and tries to win through his team or does he go all-in? Analyze his behavior in this situation and compare it with other professionals, but also with yourself!

Likewise, if his team loses the lanes badly: Does he get hectic and tries to force a kill, or is he passively playing his own game? There are of course a number of playstyles that can all lead to victory.

Of course, it's also interesting to see how the playstyle changes when he has a lead over his opponent. How is he trying to support his team at this moment? Also, always think about how you could incorporate his actions into your own game.

Pay Attention to the Minimap and the Streamer's Reaction to it

Always keep a close eye on the minimap, because all pros do that too. Maybe you are watching the stream of a midlaner and nothing is happening, except on the minimap, because: The opponent's support disappears into the fog of war.

So he could roam in the middle and prepare a gank. How does the streamer react? Does he put down a ward or does he recall? Does he communicate with his team through pings to draw attention to the danger?

There are countless examples of such situations, but streamers do not necessarily communicate these verbally. Only by watching closely you can notice such split-second decisions.

How do you watch League of Legends streams? Just for entertainment or to improve your gameplay? Let us know in the comments!