Discover where the current season of "7 vs. Wild" is being filmed in Canada and on which platforms you can watch the exciting episodes. Exclusive news about season 3!

The current season of "7 vs. Wild" is currently being filmed in Canada, more specifically in British Columbia. The participants are already there and we all hope that they are doing well. But where can you watch "7 vs. Wild" anyway? In this blog post I not only want to give you the links to the previous seasons, but also show you on which platforms you can experience the exciting adventures of "7 vs. Wild".

The third season, like the previous seasons, will be available on YouTube. However, there is an innovation: for the third season it will be the case that the episodes will first appear exclusively on Amazon Freevee. This offers fans a chance to catch the latest episodes before everyone else. The best part is that you can watch the episodes for free on Amazon Freevee. All you need is an Amazon account. Want to know how to get Amazon Freevee? Here is the direct link: Amazon Freevee *


Episodes will be EXCLUSIVELY on Amazon Freevee * one week before Youtube release! There will be an episode twice a week.


Why the change at release?

Many fans are wondering why the latest season is released on Amazon Freevee first. It could be that this is a marketing strategy to attract more viewers to the Amazon platform. There is also an exclusive partnership with 7 vs. Wild. Whatever the reason, for us fans it only means one thing: we get our favorite show on another easily accessible platform! The disadvantage is very clear: no skipable advertising which cannot be hidden with Amazon Prime. There are supposed to be some plugins for the browser, but I would personally be very careful about installing some strange extension.

What can we expect in the third season?

Without revealing too much, we can certainly look forward to many exciting adventures, new challenges and unexpected twists. The British Columbia setting offers an awe-inspiring landscape perfect for the adventures of 7 vs. Wild

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