Here you get an overview of all the major Cities: Skylines II DLCs and what new features they bring.

The first part of C:S was already a complete success. The sequel to Cities: Skylines will be released on October 24, 2023. The first gameplay trailer looks absolutely stunning and the community is hooked. The Finnish developer team Colossal Order also included the first DLC in the announcement already.

In the following overview all expansions of Cities: Skylines 2 are briefly presented to you. You can also find the release date for each DLC here.

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Bridges & Ports (Release: Q2 2024)

The first expansion of Cities: Skylines 2 is called Bridges & Ports and that's what it's about. With this expansion you will take your coast line to the next level. Everything you need for a sizable port region is included in this DLC:

There will be drawbridges and lighthouses, over 100 new objects will let you design the perfect port. A whole shipping industry is also added, which sounds a lot like the production chains from the Industries DLC.

There will probably not only be drawbridges, but a whole range of exceptionally designed bridges.

The Bridges & Ports expansion is included directly with the Ultimate Edition of Cities: Skylines II. Since this DLC will not be released until spring 2024, you can only play with it then.